Shine – RO+UF+Alkaline

11,000.00 8,000.00

A product by Vishal India

Free pre-filter, installation, 3 services with 1 year warranty

Technology               : R.O + Alkaline

System                       : Fully Automatic with Auto On/Off

Best Suitable For    : Wall Mounted /Table Top

Purifying Capacity : 18 Liters/Hour

Max. Duty Cycle     : 90 Liters/Day

Storage Capacity    : 12 Liters

R.O. Membrane      : 80 GDP 0.0001 micron

Voltage                       : 24 VDC

Booster Pump          : 100 GPD

* Filter fitting may differ from the exact image.

Advanced R.O water purifier with new alkaline technology which maintains TDS as well as pH level also by adding essential minerals into it. Ordinary R.O water purifiers extracts all the minerals from the water and provides acidic water which tends to many diseases like low immunity, joint pains, laziness, hair loss, body weakness, etc.


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